And the Winner is…

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Map Voting has come to an end.

For Luna, we can call Map N our Elyria, our new home.

What does that mean for us? What corner will be settling in?  We are currently pledged to Zylphania, so we are amid choosing a new Kingdom.  As of now are choices are Alesia, Kairos and Fortuna, which are outlined  in Aqua, purple and green respectively.











Alesia (Aqua), with the most sound government and possibly the most desirable location, has limited land.  Our only option there is c12. It will be a Waerd/Neran population.

Kairos (purple), has more land flexibility, P10, P11, some negotiating opportunities for other spots, with a To’Resk population.  Some monarchial uncertainty is currently present at this time.

Fortuna (green), presents us with the most land access and racial (however, migration will be possible) choices but perhaps political unrest may provide for an unstable foundation.  We can negotiate for pretty much anywhere in that kingdom.

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