Raiders of the Lost Vault Event

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As the Longest Night waxes ever closer and endless twilight enshrouds the land, all the people and creatures of Elyria make their final preparations to winter the bleak years ahead. With stores uncomfortably low from a meager growing season, the search for additional resources is on everyone’s mind. Adventurers use the dwindling light to scour the land. It is during this time that, in a forgotten ruin, an entrance to an underground lair is discovered; its secrets still intact from an unknown time.

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With the promise of untold riches; explorers and champions from all over enter the deep dungeon. What they bring out will change the face of Elyria permanently…

Hailing from Oceanus, the King of Sokara was among those who entered the ruins, but he and his party have not been seen nor heard of for an alarming amount of time and his council fears the worst. Dungeoneers on Oceanus have another treasure to claim if they can bring back proof of his fate… For more Details go to

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