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Our Holiday Promotion is here!

By Serpentius

Good tidings Elyrians,

This month we bring you our final promotion of the year, and we’re excited to offer you a brand new item to the store that you’ve been asking for!

Keep reading to learn more about all of the item details. Or, to purchase right away, visit our online store now!

Promo Items

We revealed the Longest Night last year, and mentioned it again in our Calendar of Promotions and Events. December reminds us to be aware of the countless observances by all cultures and religions across Elyria. In addition to the acts of menn, we’re keen to the importance of real world beliefs and thus, our promotion reflects both the current Immortal Vault lore as well as Earthly familiarity.

The following promo items will be eligible for purchase starting on Monday, December 17th through Monday, December 31st at 12pm PST.

After the promo period ends, all of these items will return to the vault.

For more Details follow link below:

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