About Learo Solais

Who we are

Learo Solais is comprised of individuals who have traveled various realms together.  We are a close-knit organization who value quality over quantity.  We strive to  enrich the community at large and develop a network that benefits all those involved.

Our name means “Glimmer of Light.” We hope to ignite the spark of creativity, productivity and camaraderie within the lands of Elyria.  Travelling from land to land, hoping to inspire and forge relationships among our neighbors, remote and close by.

Counties, duchies and kingdoms in Elyria we intend to explore.  

We are travelling entertainers, merchants, craftsmen, adventurers,  and so much more! 

Come for a visit when we arrive in your town.

We have entertainment, various services and the finest wares around.

Be sure to take some time to get to see the sights.

And get to know the people of the glimmering light!

Where We Are


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