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NOTE: Chronicles of Elyria is still in development. This library is not meant to be an attempt to create a detailed and accurate repository of information.

It is meant to be a general guide for lore building and general knowledge.

For more information visit the Official CoE Website of the Official CoE Wiki.

Recent Entries

Vardo Wagons

If life on the road calls to your soul, then look no further than a vardo! This wagon can house a small troupe and their supplies, as well as provide a place to display and sell your crafted wares. Just try not to make your unfettered life on the road seem too desirable or you […]


Religion There are five main religions in Chronicles of Elyria. Information on each is being released slowly. Each religion has different gods, different creation lore, different customs of worship and rituals. The people of Elyria do not know whether gods exist or not, but many believe they do. Some do not. This page provides an overview of […]

Characters – Anara Starsong

Anara Starsong A well-known character who will appear in-game at launch, Anara is a noblewoman, the youngest daughter of a warm and caring Duke. She was to be a future countess till she acquired seer-like gifts that she never asked for, gifts that have brought more grief to her life than joy. Chased from her home, losing […]

The Qin – Tora

Tora Tora is the Qin of the Air, child of Luna and Sanguinis. Her brother is Daemon, the Qin of Fire. Terra, Qin of Land, and Oceanus, Qin of Water, are her cousins. Tora and Oceanus have two children: Mydra, Qin of the Sea and a son, Qin of Storms.

The Qin – Terra

Terra Terra is the Qin of the Land, child of Angelica and Ao. Terra’s twin is Oceanus, Qin of Water. Daemon Qin of Fire, and Tora, Qin of Air, are her cousins. Terra’s first husband was Kernos, Qin of the Forest, but he died after the Breaking. She grew fond of Mann, her half-brother, after […]

The Qin – Selene

Selene Selene is called the Qin of Solitude and Daemon’s first wife. She was created by Terra, Qin of the Land and it’s believed that is one of the most beautiful of all the Qins. The love between Selene and Daemon gave birth to a child by the name Erathor.

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